CIPC Young Artists Competition (April 28)
The opening movement, Presto, of Sonata No. 7 in D Major, Op. 10 No. 3 by Beethoven often seems to bewilder many performers, however Arianna Korting, a senior at West Geauga High School in Chesterland, Ohio, brought a well conceived plan to the stage. Setting a fairly brisk tempo, which she held throughout, Ms. Korting’s performance was full of personality and dynamic contrast. Her Barcarolle, Op. 60 by Chopin was exquisitely phrased and she paid nice attention to the work's harmonic shifts, utilizing all of the tone colors she is capable of producing.
Arianna Abello Korting: Phenomenal pianist at 16!
Already in the opening Bach piece, Arianna revealed a magical touch in her rippling runs, her tones of crystalline clarity — hands ever so graceful — her pauses highlighting her elegant phrasing. Producing music of rare quality, she came up with memorable measures and notes of grandeur.

Just as she did with the Bach selection, she conveyed the keenest musicianship, a correctness of approach to Haydn’s classicism, a deep respect for his style which is akin to Bach’s.

In Chopin’s Ballade, the insinuating melodies in valse rhythm, the vibrantly diverse dynamics were given dramatic expression. Indeed, the pianist soared in one of Chopin’s finest works.

Rachmaninov disclosed that his A Minor Etude Tableau, one of nine in a series, is the fairy-story of Little Red Riding Hood. The late romantic piece thus presents scenes from the fairytale. Its profusion of harmonies characteristic of Rachmaninov, its rapid staccato chords and swift scales were brilliantly played.

The presumed aim of Scriabin’s Nocturne for the left hand alone is to give the impression that the piece is for two hands, covering as it does the entire keyboard — but focusing on the bass and middle registers — lush harmonies conveying passions and hidden desires. Arianna gave the impression that she fully grasped and understood these, her fingers eloquently fast and furious, or exceedingly slow.

Liszt’s virtuoso dance piece was performed with virtuosic éclat which was again evident in the encore, De Falla’s “Fire Dance”. Much older pianists have played the piece; how Arianna’s tremendous vigor and fiery temperament matched theirs!

Arianna thanked those present and Sr. Mary Placid Abejo who organized the invitational recital. The winsome, slim-as-a-reed Arianna, daughter of a Filipino mother and an American-German father, is a phenomenal pianist at 16. In a few years, what magnificent heights will she reach? We anxiously await her return!
The Philippine Star
<June 2021>

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